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Lab of Biotechnology

Laboratory Director: Eugenio Benvenuto

Laboratory of Biotechnology (UTBIORAD-FARM)


Performs research and development in biotechnological activities for improvement, identification, validation and production of plants and molecules of pharmaceutical and economical interest in model species, and commercial interest as well.
Investigates at cellular and molecular level the host-pathogen interaction (in plants and animals), oriented to define diagnostic, prevention and cure systems.
Develops advanced plant and biomedicine biotechnologies.

Main tasks and functions

  • Design of natural bioreactors able to synthesize such molecules starting from basic inorganic elements/molecules using water and light energy only.

  • Design of differentiated and optimized platforms aimed to antibodies, antigens and peptides, identifying new benefits derived from plant utilize, in particular for vaccines realization/production.

  • Application of biochemical methodologies for structural characterization of proteins integrating complex bio-informatic  systems for in silico development.

  • Application and development of proteomic and cell culture techniques

  • Development of virology and molecular biology know-how in order to study in deep the host-pathogen  interaction.

Laboratory of Biotechnology

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